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"Rock, we are less than a week away from one of the biggest challenges of your career. Competing for the WWF Title in a match you’ve never competed in before: A Hell in a Cell match, where you and five other men-"

"Finally…The Rock has come back…to New Jersey! Just as sure as for the very first time, Kevin Kelly, The Rock stood in this very arena and called you an ‘ugly hermaphrodite’ is as sure as this Sunday at Armageddon, The Rock will be in Hell in a Cell. This is gonna be the most brutal match The Rock has ever been in - the most dangerous The Rock has ever been in, the Hell in a Cell. And it doesn’t matter, Kevin Kelly, what ya call it: Whether it’s called ‘Hell in a Cell’, a ‘Rage in the Cage’, ‘Painus in your anus’. The only thing that matters is that The Rock is goin’ in this Sunday night to do exactly what he does best: Layeth the smackethdown and get back The Rock’s WWF title! And the fact of the matter is this, is that The Rock knows this Sunday, he has his work cut out for him. The Rock knows he’s got five other guys he’s gotta compete with." […] “And one more thing: This Sunday night, at Armageddon, The Rock is gonna do all he can to win the WWF Title - IF YA SMELL…what The Rock is cookin’!”

- The Rock sends a message to his five Hell in a Cell opponents, December 4th, 2000.

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The referee is like “Oh shit I’m out”

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Meanwhile, at Dragon Con (x)

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I miss my baby.

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Cat Eye on We Heart It.

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2013 Slammys vs Journey to Summerslam

I miss the Cocky Leader persona, with inferiority complex for Roman. He was so self obsessed at the time, and it was glorious.

I know it was awesome!! Do you remember when he called himself the baddest man alive when he was going to face CM Punk?? I found that moment historical😂
Anyway.. I don’t think that Dean is gone.. You may never know what happens in the future. Its WWE.😉


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"Are you really that great?"